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This ingenious thriller follows two CIA analysts on the hunt for a dangerous Iranian nuclear scientist hell-bent on building a bomb right on America’s doorstep.

The USS Vicksburg is returning home when the crew comes upon a lifeboat bearing a dead Somali pirate who shows signs of torture. Questions immediately arise: Who is this man, and which ship did he come from? Who tortured him? Soon Red Cell analysts Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke have traced the dead man back to an Iranian ship currently bound for Venezuela—and the ship appears to have dangerous, radioactive cargo on board. 

The Iranians’ plan quickly becomes clear—they’re building a nuclear bomb in politically unstable Venezuela, away from the UN’s prying eyes. Stryker and Burke must tread carefully, though, because diplomacy in Venezuela is tricky at best. A civil war is at stake if word gets out. Can they stop the Iranians before it’s too late?

From CIA Red Cell think tank veteran Mark Henshaw, Cold Shot is a fascinating, thrilling, and richly detailed journey into the intelligence world that only a true insider could create.

Reviews and Praise for
Cold Shot

"Henshaw (Red Cell, 2012) is a former Red Cell analyst himself, and he's well-equipped to provide a behind-the-curtain look at the agency. He provides a Clancy-esque level of detail but without dragging the story down. His lead characters are fleshed out and interesting, especially the decidedly Sherlock-ian Burke. Tense, suspenseful and loaded with immersive detail." Kirkus  (full review)

"Henshaw combines inspired data analysis, corrupt geopolitical maneuvering, and searing action in this bustling sequel to 2012’s Red Cell. Henshaw handles everything from naval operations to CIA decision making competently, but really excels when tackling the ground-level action scenes pitting Stryker and Burke against a well-guarded base deep in hostile territory." — Publisher's Weekly  (full review)

"Henshaw's follow-up to his terrific debut, Red Cell (2012), continues the adventures of analysts Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke, well-rounded and fascinating characters with enough personal foibles to give them depth ... Henshaw, who spent 13 years as a CIA analyst, has a firm grasp of how the intelligence community operates, and uses that knowledge to deliver another winner. Readers seeking a revealing portrait of the covert world need look no further." — Booklist (full review

"Before it's in the news, it's in Mark Henshaw's novels. Cold Shot has all the hallmarks of a masterful espionage thriller — killer actions scenes, heroes and villains on every side, suspense to spare, a timely plot, and above all else chilling insight into the secret world of intelligence. If you want to know what's going on in Venezuela, read this book. You will be entertained and amazed." — Stephen Hunter, author of The Third Bullet