Apple vs DOJ e-Book Case: The Plot Thickens...

Called it. Judge Cote wants the deescalation clause pulled from Apple's settlement agreement with the DOJ.

"U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan said she found 'most troubling' a clause requiring Apple to pay only $70 million if an appeals court reversed her finding that the company is liable for antitrust violations and sent it back to her for further proceedings.

Speaking on a teleconference, Cote questioned if that would be fair and what might happen if the appeals court reversed her ruling on a minor issue."

A lawyer for the plaintiffs said he doesn't think that's likely and, given the problems inherent in retrying such a case, $70 million "would be a good outcome for consumers."

When a judge insists on a settlement amount from a defendant higher than the law requires and the plaintiff requests, it's probably a good sign that the judge dislikes the defendant.

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