Amazon vs Hachette: The Latest Move

Authors United is a group of 1,100+ writers who signed their names to a full-page New York Times ad calling on Amazon to abandon its tactic of blocking sales of authors' book in its negotiations with publishers. Amazon has pressed on, so the literary coalition has posted this open letter to the Amazon Board of Directors.

"[Amazon] has stated that the company was 'forced to take this step because Hachette refused to come to the table.' He has also claimed that 'authors are the only leverage we have.' As one of the world's largest corporations, Amazon was not 'forced' to do anything...Amazon chose to involve 2,500 Hachette authors and their books. It could end these sanctions tomorrow while continuing to negotiate. Amazon is undermining the ability of authors to support their families, pay their mortgages, and provide for their kids' college educations. We'd like to emphasize that most of us are not Hachette authors, and our concern is founded on principle, rather than self-interest.

We find it hard to believe that all members of the Amazon board approve of these actions. We would like to ask you a question: Do you as an Amazon director approve of this policy of sanctioning books?"

I signed.

Update: AuthorsUnited didn't just post the letter to the Internet. They've also sent copies via FedEx directly to each member of Amazon's board of directors, so nobody can claim ignorance on this one.