Second Thoughts?

I have been asked if, in the wake of the San Bernadino shootings, I have had second thoughts about the sentiments I expressed in my previous blog post. The answer is no. In my opinion, compassion for others is the key characteristic that makes us better people than terrorists. Our country's greatest moments have always been those where we came to the rescue of others. If our appreciation for that legacy is so paper-thin that we're willing to abandon it because two evil people committed an atrocity, then America's best days really are behind us. I don't believe that.

As before, I'm not saying that we should just throw the immigration doors open. We need to be smart about our security arrangements and do all we can to turn evil people away at the border. But those efforts must be grounded in the idea that the United States welcomes anyone seeking freedom and liberty, and that Americans are willing to accept some risks to make that dream available to anyone who truly wants it.