More Thoughts on the Confederate Flag


"The conversation in recent days has been illuminating, as many politicians from the South try to navigate a historic landscape blurred by generations of distortions. With the abruptness of cataract surgery, “Lost Cause” interpretations of a genteel Southern past have fallen away...

As important as this corrective may be, we will do our historical memory a disservice if we fail to recall how citizens of the Union regarded Abraham Lincoln’s War, slavery and even African Americans. To a surprising extent, the way the North remembers the Civil War is also deeply flawed and misleading."

A great editorial from the Washington Post. The Civil War was a far more complex affair that most of these political correctness advocates yelling about the Confederate flag want to admit; and the gulf between Northern and Southern views on race was far more narrow than most people think (or want to believe). Let's keep working to eliminate racism, but let's be careful about how harshly we judge past generations.