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From the Tom Clancy for a new generation, a debut thriller following two CIA outcasts who must race to stop a secret Chinese weapon that threatens to provoke a world war

After her first assignment in Venezuela goes disastrously awry, rookie case officer Kyra Stryker is brought back to Langley to work in the Red Cell, the CIA’s out-of-the-box think tank. There she’s paired with Jonathan Burke, a straitlaced analyst who has alienated his colleagues with his unorthodox methods and a knack for always being right. 

When a raid on Chinese spies in Taiwan ends in a shoot-out and the release of a deadly chemical, CIA director Kathy Cooke turns to the Red Cell to figure out why China is ready to invade the island nation without any fear of reprisal from the US Navy. Stryker and Burke’s only lead is the top CIA asset in China, code named Pioneer. But when Pioneer reports that Chinese security has him under surveillance, Stryker is offered a chance for redemption with a dangerous mission: extract Pioneer from China before he’s arrested and executed. The answers he holds could mean the difference between peace in the Pacific or another world war. 

Mark Henshaw infuses expert knowledge of the intelligence world into a pulse-pounding plot to create a fascinating, authentic, and unforgettable read.

Reviews and Praise for
Red Cell

“Henshaw’s assured debut, an exciting espionage thriller, puts him solidly in the ranks of the top writers of the genre. Henshaw deftly weaves together all the major and minor players—the U.S., Chinese, and Taiwanese governments; the spies who provide information; and the analysts who turn that information into intelligence. The masterfully handled battle at the end is worthy of Tom Clancy.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Red Cell is as smart as it is exciting, a thriller that makes you think from the edge of your seat. Mark Henshaw’s unique perspective from the inside makes it all feel terrifyingly real.” — Howard Gordon, executive producer of Fox's 24 and Showtime's Homeland, author of Gideon's War and Hard Target

“If you’re looking for a great, authentic and thrilling story, look no further. Lock the door and turn off the phone, because you’re going on a journey only a gifted insider like Mark Henshaw could take you on. This author is a rare double threat—a man with the knowledge and access few have, and the rare talent as a writer to bring it to life. If you want to learn how things really work when it hits the fan, you can apply for a job at the CIA or read Mark’s book.” — David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, Fury, Sabotage, End of Watch, Harsh Times, and Street Kings; screenwriter of Suicide Squad, Fury, Sabotage, End of Watch, Harsh Times, S.W.A.T., Dark Blue, Training Day, The Fast and the Furious, and U-571.

“Mark Henshaw is the real deal and he delivers big-time in his debut novel Red Cell. Only a decorated CIA analyst like Henshaw could take you this deep into the psyche of CIA operatives—and even deeper into one of the most dangerous and imminent geopolitical flashpoints of our times. If the events Henshaw plays out on the pages of his novel have not already taken place in secret, they may well play out in public sooner rather than later. Mr. President, this intelligence briefing is worth your special attention.” — Thomas Greanias, New York Times bestselling author of Dominus Dei

“Mark Henshaw clearly knows the terrain, from the geopolitical to the tradecraft in the shadows. I'm surprised this made it past the CIA censors. A rock solid thriller as plausible as tomorrow's headlines.”— Brad Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of One Rough Man and All Necessary Force 

“…it’s a lean and efficient effort fueled by an infrequent quality: believability. In this deft novel of intelligence, the CIA actually shines.” — Kirkus Reviews (full review)

“This technothriller is the perfect read-alike for fans of Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, Patrick Robinson, and Joe Buff.” — Booklist

“The narrative’s authentic details about spycraft will be irresistible to hard-core spy fiction aficionados, who will eagerly seek Henshaw’s next dip into the CIA pool.” — Library Journal

“The action in this thriller takes place in the offices and corridors of CIA headquarters, the streets and alleys of Beijing and on the deck and passageways of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean…Red Cell’s book flap calls Mr. Henshaw 'the Tom Clancy for a new generation.”' The thriller does in fact remind me of Tom Clancy’s debut novel, The Hunt for Red October. Like Red October, this is a suspenseful thriller for those interested in espionage and military conflict.” — Washington Times

“Henshaw is a master of detail: the military units and tactics, the CIA tradecraft, the street names, even the location of the Red Cell are accurate…and he knows how to tell a thrilling story.” — Baton Rouge Advocate

“[Henshaw's] new book has a ring of authenticity. From CIA headquarters to the White House to a Navy carrier in the South China Sea, the action is tense. The author uses expert knowledge of the intelligence world to create a fascinating and totally believable pulse-pounding story.” — Tucson Citizen

“[Henshaw] has written a story that is as powerfully relevant as The Hunt for Red October was during the cold war; it’s a very good read and an impressive début that will appeal to fans of political thrillers that pack a punch with verisimilitude.” —  Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star