First Review of The Fall of Moscow Station

Kirkus Reviews has posted the first public review of The Fall of Moscow Station. The verdict:

Henshaw's narrative is a high tension page-turner, and his tough-minded, independent and deadly Kyra Stryker is ready to run with the likes of Reacher or Bourne.

Read the entire review here. The Fall of Moscow Station will be available on Kindle and other e-book readers in late January; and in hardback on February 16, 2016 wherever books are sold.

Sorry for the lack of news...

Apologies for the lack of news updates over the last year. Mark has been busy crashing on novel #3, now officially titled, The Fall of Moscow Station.

Mark Henshaw's THE FALL OF MOSCOW STATION, the third book in the Red Cell series, brings the trilogy to a head as CIA field agent Kyra Stryker and analyst Jonathan Burke chase a CIA traitor to an abandoned Soviet nuclear base outside Berlin, where they find themselves facing off against a Russian spymaster who's been selling advanced technologies to US enemies.

The book is finished and in Simon & Schuster's hands for copy editing, layout, etc. Mark will publish the new cover here as soon as the graphic designers are finished.

On sale now — Cold Shot

Click on the  Cold Shot  cover image to learn more about the book.

Click on the Cold Shot cover image to learn more about the book.

Cold Shot — the new novel by Mark Henshaw

From current CIA analyst and Red Cell think tank veteran Mark Henshaw, Cold Shot is a fascinating, thrilling, and richly detailed journey into the intelligence world that only a true insider could create.

Available now in hardback and e-book wherever books are sold. Available in audiobook on June 1, 2014.